Is Kevin Hart’s marriage still afloat even after the SEX TAPE? Find out here

One of the funniest movie stars of our days has been having a rough year so far, since less than 10 months ago some sex tapes of him having sex with a stranger leaked, representing a big menace. We are talking about, of course, Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart fills a place, at least in my mind, that’s never out of place in any movie. He has that vibe of a whacky character, funny yet knowledgeable, that you know is bluffing about most of the things he talks about. If anything, I see him as family, like an uncle you don’t get to see as often, but is always a welcoming surprise.

Now, it’s only happiness I can express, seeing him still happily married, celebrating his son’s birthday as if the accident nor the leaks ever happened.

In his instagram feed you can see Kevin Hart, his wife and little boy, clearly happy to be with each other, without taking any punches that the media may send their way.

“I am a different man now”, confessed the actor in a video available on his Instagram feed as well.

He does not deny of being guilty, but he hasn’t confirmed still if the video in fact was him having sex in that hotel, or if it was a look-alike. Even if he wasn’t he has taken the “right thing to do” path of things, apologizing not only for the video, but to his whole now ancient lifestyle, and not only to his audience, but also to his family.

For the most part, his life seems to be recovering back to the way it used to be. Celebrating his son’s birthday was the latest public attention the actor has gotten – no drunk related incidents, no calls from the police, no one has filed a harassment against the actor so far in the whole mess Hollywood has become these days. In fact, he looks pretty much at his best, celebrating his son’s 13th birthday with dogs dressed as lions, with a theme of the Lion King.

One of the things to be cherished about this industry is that you don’t only get to see their downward spirals, but sometimes, you get to see them rise up, even better than they were before: such is the case for Kevin Hart.

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