Make Sure You Avoid This Airbnb at ALL COSTS!

What was supposed to be a safe haven for Ramis Jonuzi to retreat to turned out to be a living arrangement from hell.

Jonuzi found his lodgings on Airbnb for a very low price and snapped up the deal immediately. He needed to get away from his everyday life for a little while and clear his head. He corresponded with the other roommates who lived at the residence and arranged to move in for a few weeks.

Jonuzi lived with his three roommates for several days before deciding that the arrangement was no longer working for him. After engaging in an altercation with one other house member, he packed up his stuff and began to leave. That is when things turned violent.

Ramis Jonuzi was found lying unconscious outside of the property. He later died at a nearby hospital. Allegedly, all three housemates attacked Jonuzi as he tried to walk away from them. Evidence was also discovered that shows Jonuzi was penetrated by at least one of the three men. It is also evident that Jonuzi endured a severe beating, either by bare hands or with various objects. All of these factors resulted in his untimely death.

The three men who Jonuzi lived with for a number of days have maintained their innocence. They say that they do not know what happened to their fourth roommate or why someone would want to harm him. They also say that they do not know who raped him in such a brutal manner. When asked why Jonuzi was attempting to leave the residence, they stated that they were unsure because they had all been living in harmony since the day he moved in.

Authorities believe that the murder took place due to a dispute of money. No official charges have been brought forth for the three roommates, but police believe that they all had some sort of involvement and are far from innocent.

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