What’s worse than eating the hottest jalapeno in the world? Accidentally setting yourself on fire afterwards. Meet Sean Lock, the man who’s set his insides and outsides on fire at the same time.

Ed’s Carolina Reaper Pepper are considered to be the hottest jalapenos in the world. They are actually around 300 times more intense than the second hottest jalapeno, which would tell you how absolutely bonkers for this man to try and eat it all in one mouthful.


Miraculously, the man is seen in the video, which is now circulating the internet, recovering less than 10 minutes after eating the jalapeno, then getting up from his seat and heading to the park, where he lights up a cigarette and unintentionally set himself ablaze.

Apparently, Sean had filled his lighter with butane earlier that day, which had soaked his t-shirt and caught fire as soon as he ignited it.

His friend, who was recording the video, was thankfully the only one around to save him, soon a passerby joined him in efforts to put the fire out.


“I was filming what I thought was the scariest thing in the world, putting all your internal organs through a literal living hell. Not five minutes later I was running for the extinguisher because the idiot somehow decided he needed more fire. I can’t believe this really happened.” Said Sean’s roommate and best friend, “We took him to the hospital and I thought he was going to die. I kept thinking what story I was going to tell his parents. I was so scared.”

Sean was rushed to the hospital and is now being treated for second degree burns. His condition is stabilized and he says he’s never going to subject his body to so much heat again.

“Yeah, I’m feeling better now.” Says Sean, “But I think I still has some stomach cramps from that jalapeno I ate.”

You’re the real MVP, Sean Lock.

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