Man Says DEAD BODY Found in House is SEX Toy Made from HUMAN Skin

Della Wright became worried about an odd aroma coming from her son’s bedroom. When she notified authorities about the stench, what they discovered in the room is too shocking to believe.

Police entered Jerome Wright’s bedroom and were immediately greeted with an extremely foul odor. Jerome initially blamed the smell on stomach problems that both he and his pet dog were suffering from, but as officials searched the room they discovered a decomposing body in the closet.

The lifeless body appeared to be damaged in various ways, including having multiple organs missing. Once again, Jerome had an explanation for the corpse, stating that it was not a real dead body, but a sex toy he had purchased online that was made from the skin of a human.

Authorities were not quick to believe his story and arrested him. It was later revealed that the body found in the closet was that of Deanna Clendinen, Jerome’s girlfriend. Though an identity for the corpse had been determined, Jerome maintained his innocence by claiming that he and Deanna had not had any interaction in a long time.

Upon further investigation in Jerome’s home, traces of urine and other substances were found throughout his room. Police found enough evidence to believe that he had been dismembering and torturing Deanna’s dead body for quite a while in that bedroom. They also think he may have been engaging in sexual acts with the corpse.

Jerome Wright has yet to be charged with murder, but he has been charged with disfiguring a deceased individual. He still states that the corpse located in his closet is not real and that he bought it online. Della Wright states that she knows of no reason why her son would kill his girlfriend, but that Jerome’s claim about not seeing Deanna in months is inaccurate.

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