Man’s Insides EXPLODE After Eating Entire Bag of CINNAMON Candy!

What started out as a chill day at home watching movies and eating snacks turned into an absolute nightmare for one man. After consuming an entire bag of cinnamon flavored candy over the course of one hour, his intestines burst, resulting in his unfortunate death.

The man, 25-year-old Derrick Swift, took the day off work for his girlfriend’s birthday. They decided to take it easy and have a cozy day at home watching Netflix and eating junk food. Swift had purchased all of his girlfriend’s favorite snacks and brought them over to her house. Swift’s girlfriend’s favorite candy is anything cinnamon flavored, so most of the sweets her bought were exactly that.

As they were watching a movie, Swift began indulging in one of the candy bags he brought with him, the infamous Red Hots. Before Swift knew it, he had eaten the majority of the bag and decided he needed to get a drink of water to cool down his mouth. As the cold water hit his stomach, Swift started to complain of a bubbling feeling in his belly. The feeling intensified and without any warning whatsoever, his stomach exploded. Swift’s girlfriend described the scene like something out of a horror movie with blood and guts splattered everywhere. She called for paramedics, but it was impossible for them to do anything to save Swift.

Doctors believe that the shear amount of cinnamon candy consumed had a negative response to the cold water and when they combined, an explosive chemical reaction took place. Investigators believe that if less pieces of candy were eaten, then the reaction would not have been so severe.

Officials assure others who like to delight in cinnamon flavored candy that they are not in any danger of the same incident happening to them, as long as they take caution and do not consume more than a few handfuls of candy every few hours.

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