Santa Claus Goes MENTAL at Party and SHOOTS 4 People

A dress-up party in Texas turned deadly when the host of the party, dressed as Santa Claus, began shooting at his guests. By the end of his shooting spree, he had killed one person and injured three others.

Randall Jones has been arrested and charged with murder after he decided to begin firing bullets at party-goers who were having a good time during the early morning hours. Jones, who lived in the house with several other roommates, stated that he did not intend for the incident to take place.

Witnesses who were at the party shared that Jones was very drunk before he grabbed a gun from his room and opened fire. According to people who were at the party, several guests had attempted to get Jones to stop drinking and go to sleep, something he clearly was not pleased about. Instead of going up to his room and getting into bed, he went and retrieved a gun. When he returned, he fired one shot at the floor which caused party members to run for cover. He then shot a guy who attempted to tackle him to the ground. That man later passed away from his injuries at a nearby hospital.

After shooting three more individuals, Jones made his way to a neighbor’s house where he informed them that a fatal incident had just occurred. The neighbor notified the authorities, and when police arrived at the scene, Jones surrendered himself peacefully.

Randall Jones has since stated that he was tired and unaware of what he was doing when he grabbed the gun. He shares that he is deeply sorry for the harm that he caused to his guests and their families.

Two of the other individuals hurt in the shooting are expected to make full recoveries, while a third person is still in critical condition.

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