Wait Until You Find Out What This Guy Was HIDING in His Storage Unit!

Storage units are supposed to be used to house old furniture or to simply get rid of some clutter, but one man had another idea for his unit. The remains of Justin Rey’s wife were found in a storage unit that he and his two children were living in. Police were notified about Rey and his kids inhabiting the small unit when someone saw them exiting it. The witness told police that the children looked hungry and dirty.

When police arrived at the storage locker, they found evidence that Rey and his kids had been sleeping there for quite some time with no supplies. When authorities investigated further, they discovered the chopped up remains of an individual located in a corner of the unit. Police think the remains belong to Rey’s wife.

Rey had allegedly told friends of his that his wife had passed away while giving birth to their youngest child, and this is the same story that he told police when they asked where the kids’ mother was. However, he has since changed his story and said that his wife killed herself a few weeks after their daughter’s birth.

An individual who apparently drove past the storage unit one night reportedly saw what he assumed to be blood oozing out from underneath the door of the locker. Police say that they believe that Justin Rey killed his wife and then dismembered her body in the storage locker. He has not officially been charged with murder.

Rey’s two children have been placed in protective custody until a suitable relative can be found to take care of them. If no relative is willing, the young girls will be placed in foster care. If convicted of murder, along with several other charges, Rey could face up to life in prison.

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