Woman REUNITED with Teddy Bear She LOST as a Little Girl 65 Years Ago!

Sheri Kim was just five years old when her family had to flee Korea in the midst of the Korean War. While she is very thankful that her family was able to leave the country safely and live an abundant life in the United States, she has never been able to forget about the one thing she left behind in Korea: her favorite teddy bear.

Kim reminisces on the day that her family decided to flee their home in Korea. She reveals that her father woke her and her two brothers up in the very early hours of the morning and told them that they were leaving. She did not know where they were going, but jumped out of her bed and immediately began packing her most treasured belongings. After about 30 minutes of packing, her father shouted up to the children and told them that it was time to leave. Several hours passed before Kim realized that she had left behind her favorite teddy bear that she slept with every night. By that time, it was far too late to go back and get it.

Years passed, and Kim and her family eventually established roots in California. She grew up to become a nurse, got married and had three children of her own. Everything in her life was going great, but there was always that lingering thought in the back of her mind about what happened to the bear that she believed kept her safe every night back in Korea.

Then, just a few weeks ago Kim, now 70-years-old, heard about an auction that was taking place in Sacramento that had a lot of items collected during the Korean War. She thought that it was a long shot, but decided to check out the auction anyway. As she sat in the audience, artifact after artifact was sold in front of her, but there was no sign of her beloved toy. Then, the unthinkable happened.

The very last item for sale was brought to the front of the room and held up. As Kim’s eyes adjusted to what she was seeing, she realized that the item was, in fact, her tan colored teddy bear with a black nose and brown paws. Instantly, she began bidding on the bear. The bidding went on for at least 20 minutes with five other participants wanting to be the one to purchase the teddy. Ultimately, Sheri Kim was successful in buying the bear for a whopping $10,500. Though, Kim says she would have paid ten times that amount to be reunited with her long-lost toy.

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