You WON’T BELIEVE What This Child Received Trick or Treating!

Ten-year-old Ethan Ricker did not even want to go trick or treating this year, believing that he was too old for the activity. Ethan instead wanted to go watch horror movies at a friend’s house, however his mother Jenny Ricker (39) put him in charge of taking his six-year-old sister Alyssa and eight-year-old brother Samuel around the neighborhood.

“He finally decided to dress up,” says Jenny. “Alyssa was a fairy and Samuel went as a vampire. Ethan kept saying he wasn’t going to do anything, but he got caught up in the excitement enough to put on a yellow raincoat and paint his face to go as Georgie from It.”

Jenny and her husband Carl (31) are insistent that their kids bring their bags of treats back to the house for inspection before eating any of the candy. “They know that they can eat a piece here and there from our neighbors and people we know,” says Carl. “But we are very clear that anything that is homemade or from a house where we don’t know the people, the kids don’t eat it until they get home and we can check it out.”

Shortly after eight pm, the Ricker children returned home and gave their bags to their parents. “It’s become a tradition that’s really fun,” says Carl. “We sit at the kitchen table and play music and tell ghost stories and the kids get their candy handed out to them. This year, the kids had gone to a house that gave them each a scratch ticket. We gave them each their ticket to scratch, figuring someone might get a dollar.”

Imagine their surprise when Ethan’s ticket was worth $1,000! He scratched it off and didn’t think he had won until Jenny inspected the ticket closer. “He hadn’t scratched it off all the way,” says Jenny. “I almost fell over when I scratched off the last symbol, and it matched the rest!”

The Ricker family plans on using the $1,000 towards a family vacation to Disneyland sometime in the winter.

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