ABUSIVE Man BANNED Fiance from Wearing Make-up for TWO YEARS

Lauren Richmond, a victim of an abusive relationship that had lasted two years, has finally come out to shed some light on her ordeal.

Lauren, 22, was beaten half to death by her fiance Jordan Greaves, 23, during their relationship. He had banned her from wearing any make-up since they got together, saying it would “attract other men”. Jordan was finally convicted of assault, and Lauren has since taken a makeup and beauty therapy course because she’d decided to train to become a beauty therapist.


Lauren was working at a holiday park when she met Jordan, they got together and she moved into his flat within two months of their relationship, eventually getting engaged.

Lauren says that she had always fancied using makeup and experimenting with it, but was subsequently banned from using it completely by her fiance, because he said it would attract other men.

She goes on to describe Jordan’s impact on her life, saying that she has been completely scarred by what he’s put her through, she says she still has days when she wonders if she’s good enough, and she feels the urge to ask permission to wear certain clothes, makeup or even see her friends.

She adds that things were moving too quickly, but she felt safe with Jordan, and everything was perfect for a while, but it didn’t take long for his attitude to change.

She got a job at Starbucks but Jordan became obsessed with knowing where she was at every minute of the day and who she was talking to. He would follow her to work and sit in a booth staring at her for the duration of her shift.

“It was so menacing.” She describes her turmoil, stating that Jordan would become violent for every male customer she served.

He later apologized for his behaviour and promised to seek professional help, Lauren says she was foolish to believe him. One day he got drunk on a night out with his friends, and started hitting her when she tried stopping him from driving home.

She was treated in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary for a gash to her head and injuries to her body.


Scared and threatened, she tried to assure him that he had no reason to feel jealous, as she only wanted him. But it was hopeless, as there was no point trying to reason with him

He pleaded guilty in court and was given a community order of 180 hours of unpaid work and a restraining order preventing him from seeing or contacting Lauren for one year.

Domestic violence leaves the victim carrying this huge burden of constant fear and insecurity. We find it inexcusable and utterly repulsive. If you know anyone who has been a victim of such an ordeal, please report it to the authorities. You might be saving a life.


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