Girl Texts Mom About Someone Knocking at the Door, What Happens Next Will Surprise You

45-year-old Roy Coons has been arrested in connection with the death of his 12-year-old neighbor, Yhoana Arteaga, who was found dead due to strangulation in her home by family members.

Arteaga was at home alone on crutches and recuperating from an injury she received in a skating mishap.

According to detectives, Coons lived two trailers away from the Arteaga family. He is charged on several criminal charges, including planned murder.

As stated by the police, the grand jury approved an indictment for Coons that charged him with multiple crimes, including premeditated murder and attempted rape.

Analysis of the collected evidence carried out by scientists at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Metro Nashville Police Department is what led to the discovery that Coons was the alleged murderer.

Chief Steve Anderson revealed to reporters that the murder of a young, innocent girl was a major shock to the entire Nashville area and surrounding communities. He commended the local police department for the quick and thorough work, as well as members of the community who have been helping with the case.

According to authorities, Coons has been found guilty of more than 30 misdemeanors and felonies over the last 25 years. The newest was a conviction for possessing marijuana and illegal gun ownership by a convicted criminal.

Chief Anderson expressed his thoughts on the tragic death of a 12-year-old and how he had been effected by the notion that her life had been cut short. He also added that he, along with the rest of Nashville, is pleased that Coons is now in custody.

Yhoana Arteaga’s lifeless body was discovered by her mother, older sister and younger brother when they came home from their outing just over an hour after the Yhoana had sent a message to her mother saying she was worried because someone was pounding on their door.

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