Homeless Man is Given Lottery Ticket, Wins $22 Million and Buys a MANSION

This man went from homeless to millionaire in under one week. His story is amazing.

Kane Dunne, 61, had lived on the streets for a great portion of his life, nearly 25 years. He’s been to different shelters and jumped from one job to another over the years. At some point he even applied for the police academy, but he was unlucky. Kane thought life had ended for him, but he didn’t know what was coming to him.


Millions of people flock the busy streets of Manhattan daily, going about their own lives. In the T-junction between John’s street and Astor Place, lies Kane Dunne. Kane either walks the junction back and forth asking any poor passerby for spare change or sits by his favourite fountain. He claims that he didn’t even see the face of the man who gave him the ticket. Just someone who looked like the next person.

The passerby, totally unaware of the ticket’s fate, threw it in Kane’s boonie hat, and kept walking.

“It’s funny when you think about. How he just threw away his ticket like it was worthless, and went on to his desk job downtown. I really feel bad for him.” Kane says

A week later Kane was the owner of a fortune: $22 million dollars and a boonie hat. His life had really turned around in just under a week.

Now Kane owns a mansion that is worth around $8 million. He decided that life has decided to finally reward him for all the hardships he’s been through. He can do pursue whatever dream he had that had picked up on dust over the years. “I might actually learn an instrument or two. I realize I could’ve done that on the street, but winning the lottery has made me realize how much time I’ve already wasted. I can’t afford to waste more, and I’ve always wanted to play an instrument.”

“I wish I could find the person who gave me the ticket, but it’s impossible, I couldn’t see the face of the man and if I put an ad on the news everyone’s going to claim it was him who gave me the ticket just so they could get some money.” Kane says.

“I was only going to invite him for a drink, though.”

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