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Hugh Hefner’s SHOCKING Habit Made Him Lose His Hearing

Hugh Hefner, the iconic Playboy founder, died peacefully in his mansion surrounded by all his loved ones at the age of 91. His health was on a decline for over a year and he hadn’t made a public appearance in quite some time.

Hefner is an American icon who introduced us to world of Playboy magazine in 1953. But it was discovered that apparently, Hefner liked sex so much, that he took it over having a pair of functional ears. It is alleged that he took so much Viagra that he had lost his hearing.

This came to light when his wife, Crystal Hefner, said that the pills for erectile dysfunction had had made him lose his hearing. One of Hugh’s other girlfriends made the same allegation, and in an interview with Howard Stern back in 2011, he said that he tries not to take any of these pills because he would lose his hearing. Karissa Shannon (who shared Hefner with her twin sister, Kristina, as well as Crystal herself) told The Sun that he preferred to have sex over having his hearing. Hefner always wore hearing aids and was deaf in one ear. Karissa said that you had to lean near his good ear and speak loudly for him to make sense of what you were saying, but you can sit next to him and speak and he wouldn’t understand a word you were saying.

But does Viagra really take away your hearing? Apparently yes. A NHS report published in 2011 states that in rare cases, too much viagra can suddenly cause sensorineural hearing loss. It’s rare and results from damage to the inner ear structures, leading to permanent damage. However, it is claimed that his condition could simply be because he was in his nineties, and not from his bad habit.

That being said, we’ll argue that Hefner lived too good a life to be disgruntled by one bad ear. He’s set to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe, cultural icons next to each other.

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