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Lindsay Lohan’s parents are suing THE SENATOR she slept with?!

We are talking about the same folks, right? About the same ones that raised their child to be a star at 9 and an alcoholic at thirteen? Apparently yes, and after Lohan’s recovery, they seem to be as close as any family can get. Without counting their disconnect in the ‘blunder years’ of Lohan’s career, her parents were more like shadows behind her than actual mother and father figures. Loans to take her out of prison, borrowing money to get a new Porsche; nothing was far fetched from the paws of momma and pappa bear. After all, wasn’t it fair for Lindsay to get back the money she earned working so hard at Disney for her parents? The answer to the question probably depends on who you’re asking, if you were to ask her lawyer he’d probably say it’s hers, if you were to ask her shrink he’d  probably tell you Lindsay Lohan’s career was long dead before it had started: just a little ‘no’ does wonders to kids these days.

These days, momma and pappa tried once again to pull one of off Lindsay’s career. A Senator of the United States is being sued because of ‘slanderous’ comment on Lindsay’s career on drinking, taking drugs and being a general queen of disaster in her own way. Lohan’s parents did NOT take this with good eyes, suing almost inmediatly the politician for damaging the image of the celebrity.

But, in reality, why do they even do it? Didn’t their daughter already ruin her career loooong time ago? Apparently, they’d disagree. “Our daughter doesn’t deserve to be slandered, and even less by a filthy, corrupt politician”, said the Linday Lohan’s mother. The actress herself has said nothing, and it’s stated by many, that the parents are  just looking for a way to win some money, and heal up the debts the family has fallen into, thanks to Linday’s career tanking, and her excesses that costed her one too many trips to recovery center.

But gossip and rumors say a completely different story, explaining the reason of Lohan’s silence to the presses. It goes a bit like this: what if the senator knew Lindsay and the family long before the incident? What if he dated the actress? What if he were to take it out on to her on public, and then regret it? Then it would make sense that she stays so quiet on the matter, and that it is their parents, and not her, that are suing her now ex-lawyer.

Is this too far fetched for you? Maybe it is, but sometimes gossip travels around in weird ways, and you may never know if you what you’re hearing is true or not. If anything, the politician most likely will stay untouched: after all, he didn’t even lie or reveal anything private about her; he just said as it is.

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