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In the video, livestream attendees could watch his physical condition deteriorated and the 31-year-old’s breathing quickened as his eyes began to shut down, until he finally dies.

He was known for his love of reptiles and in the videos uploaded to his Youtube account. Arslan Valeev had a wide knowledge about snakes, so it was not an accident.

That’s why he surprised the world when he decided to broadcast his death live, after he let his pet, a black mamba bite his hand. According to information in the English newspaper The Mirror, the man decided to take his life after the breakdown of his marriage.

On the night of September 23, speaking live on his channel, Valéyev, was bitten by a black mamba and directed his last words to the visitors of his channel and to his wife, who had abandoned him . According to BobCat TV, Valéyev, 32, was immediately hospitalized.

Slowly, he was numbed by the venom of the snake, and the signs of his condition worsening were evident. Arslan and his wife Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina were famous on YouTube for their channels on snakes and cats, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Arslan’s friends detailed that the man had accused his partner of cheating on him, although police reports indicate that the youtuber had beaten the woman, who would have suffered a concussion. Still, he could not live with the idea of his wife being with someone else, so he took drastic measures.

The snake bite and the moment of death were not shown in the transmission, but the Russian vlogger did show the bite in his arm, and stayed before the camera until he could no longer take it. Shortly after, and right before the video transmission stopped, he rises from his chair and walks away from the camera.

He died shortly thereafter.

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