Man was NEARLY KILLED By This Sea Monster

The ocean is an absolutely frightening place if you are not properly trained. Deep sea fisherman, sailors, and deep sea divers are typically prepared for the worst possible occurrences that may happen where they decide to go.

Checking weather patterns and projected wind speeds require a great amount of attention to detail. One wrong calculation can spell disaster for even the most seasoned diver or sailor, ending their long careers in just seconds.

Unpredictable weather and human error aside, there are other things that have to be factored in. Behavior of the local sea life is important to become familiar with. If you are not careful, hitting a wave may end up delivering you right into a shark’s maw.

Marine biologists have reported that even sharks aren’t as big a danger as some of the other creatures below the surface. Sharks will tend to ‘test the waters’ and see if the meal is worth the trouble. They do not like to be hurt in order to acquire a meal.

The creatures that divers and sailors truly need to watch out for is the Humboldt squid, a squid nicknamed the ‘wolf of the ocean.’ Recent marine biology reports state that they have begun coordinating in groups to attack unaware or naïve divers, nearly or sometimes successfully killing them.

Professional U.S. diver Mark Solas is lucky to escape with his life after an excursion to the Sea of Cortez. He is a professional diver with a Masters in Marine Biology, who had sought to record feeding patterns and habits of the Humboldt.

While busy recording a group of Humboldt descending further into the depths, Solas was grabbed by another squid he hadn’t seen. It began to eat his fin before he realized what was happening. Another attempted to rip his mask from his face, but he was lucky to grab the knife from his belt.

The diver said that when he landed a successful strike on the one attached to his face, the others appeared to retreat in fright. Solas surveyed the area as he ascended back to his boat, and was finally able to get away.

“I have heard reports of these things attacking people,” Mark Solas told the San Jose Mercury News. “But I never thought I’d be a potential victim. This is worrisome.”

Other reports have alluded to the Humboldt species suffering from a food shortage in their usual hunting grounds. If this is true, attacks by this species of squid will only increase over time.

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