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Game on POWER LINES ends with DEATH

We see them quite often in our daily lives, whether we pay attention to them or not. They are vital to the economy of most countries. Without them, our TVs, dvd players, and game systems would serve no purpose. They are power lines, a set of lines that extend throughout the expanse of developed countries in order to supply power to those paying for it.

There are ways to illegally drain power from certain places, but it becomes obvious after a while with how advanced technology is. Even with that advance, it doesn’t prevent people from being stupid around them.

Law enforcement agencies throughout California have reported numerous incidents of cars deliberately running into power lines. With this being a major concern for both people hitting poles on purpose or by accident from DUI, people touching them by hand isn’t such a large concern.

Millions of volts surge through each electrical line, capable of killing most organic life. People are still baffled that birds are never shocked to death when standing on power lines. It should go without saying that humans should completely avoid ever getting on them, but as one redneck comedian says ‘You can’t fix stupid.’

On October 20th, a man was shocked to death after drunkenly climbing power lines about a mile from Pier 39. Many people watched as the man climbed, but most of them pulled out their phones to record with the twisted hope they would see a death.

According to San Francisco PD, only about 20 calls were placed citing a “drunk putting himself in danger.” Interviews with those who did call revealed there were more than 90 people at the scene watching. It wasn’t until the man was shocked with so much electricity he glowed like a Christmas tree, that more calls came in to report a death had occurred.

Seriously? People need to be told not to play on the powerlines?

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