Child POSSESSED by a DEMON After Attending a Sleep-Over. Find out what happened!

Brooke Foster was just like any other fourteen-year-old girl at the beginning of her freshman year in high school. She had recently tried out for the junior varsity cheerleading squad and made the team, as well as being active in student council and the field hockey team.

“Brooke was so excited to be in high school,” says her mother Jayne Foster (42). “Both of her older sisters are very into cheerleading as well, and we were all so proud of her for making the team.”

Earlier in the month, Brooke attended a sleepover at a friend’s house a few blocks away. The girls who attended were all first-year cheerleaders as well, and the girls stayed up late into the night, watching movies, playing online games and practicing the cheers that they had been learning at school. Shortly after midnight, the night took a horrifying turn.

“We were bored, that’s all,” says Danielle Carpenter (14). “We started telling ghosts stories and playing truth or dare, nothing bad. Then we decided to have a séance. We weren’t serious, it was just for a joke because Halloween was so close, and we just wanted to scare each other.”

After the girls were done, they proceeded to go to bed, and everything seemed fine until a few hours later, when Brooke woke up screaming. “I got a phone call at about four am,” says Jayne. “Danielle’s mother told me that Brooke had woke up from a bad dream hysterical, and that she couldn’t calm her down. Brooke doesn’t ever really have bad dreams, so I went there as fast as I could to pick her up.”

Jayne reports that once she got her daughter home, not only did her symptoms not improve, they actually got worse. “When I first picked her up, she acted like she was scared,” she says. “But then after we got home, she got really bizarre. She told me she just wanted to go to bed, so I let her. A few minutes after she’d gone into her room, I could hear her talking to herself in some weird language. I knocked on the door, and she screamed at me to leave her alone. The weird thing is, it wasn’t her voice.”

Since that fateful night, Jayne is convinced her daughter is the victim of demonic possession. “I know how it sounds, but I know my child,” she insists. “She has always been a sweet, kind girl, but now… She speaks in a voice that isn’t hers sometimes, and things happen when she’s home, like the lights flickering, electronic issues. Worst of all is how violent she gets. The other night, she lashed out and kicked Sally (the family cat) hard enough that I had to take her to the vet the next day. Brooke loves Sally, she would never hurt her. It was after she did that when I finally made the decision to contact a priest.”

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