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NASA Rover Discovers ALIEN CITY on MARS

Humans have longed to go into space and explore the stars ever since there was even a chance to go up past the clouds. Billions of dollars a year go into space travel research, many countries competing for the opportunity to discover something new among the stars. Unfortunately, for the United States, that dream can only be achieved with the help of space programs in other countries.

There seems to be an agreement among all developed nations in the world, that space is neutral territory. Every country is welcome to send properly trained personnel to the ISS (International Space Station), making discoveries in space something that the whole of humanity can benefit from.

Despite the U.S. being unable to send their personnel up in their own rocket, sending rovers and probes to examine other planets is still possible.

According to an unknown source inside of NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Mars Rover 2 has discovered what appear to be structures arranged in what looked to be a small city. Many who have seen the report and images claim they are large rocks or boulders that just happened to end up in such an arrangement, but some scientists disagree.

Not wanting to cause mass hysteria, the report on the findings was sealed pending further investigation. It is important to the agency that certain things not be known until absolutely certain about their findings.

There continues to be mounting evidence to support the claims of life on Mars, but world governments have yet to confirm or deny these rumors. Perhaps it is necessary to keep certain things under wraps, but it is only a matter of time before everyday citizens come upon this information with help from inside sources.

Do you support the idea of life elsewhere in the galaxy or universe? Could we have descended from the life on Mars? Should we trust them if they contact us? We’ll have to wait and see.

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