No one Knew This Teacher Was a SEX OFFENDER Until It was TOO LATE

This sex offender used to work in a kindergarten for two years before authorities realized his true nature. They say he could’ve planned to molest one of the kids.

A kindergarten in Bristol, UK, was notified that a sex offender could be working for them, after he was hired early 2015 as a Physical Education teacher. The school’s principal has admitted no one had any idea about the man’s true nature, and has said that he was immediately dismissed.

This is what the kindergarten’s principal said in public meeting a day after this was uncovered: “We run our teachers and staff through vigourous examinations and background checks before any of them can start working for us. We abide by the highest standards of safety and will not condone any recklessness that could cause such an incident in the future. The teacher was immediately suspended and background checks will be carried out in the future.”

Unfortunately, it turns out the man had allegedly molested a 4 year old boy, says a police officer. After the man was fired, a parent has come forward claiming her son “came home that day saying that the teacher who kept touching him a lot was fired”.

His parents quickly went to the police and filed a report, a police officer says a warrant was issued to arrest the man.

“I can’t believe this sick pervert was near my child,” Said the mother, tearful, “I blame the school of course. This is literally where they should make sure none of those lowlives enter the premises. It’s where there are little kids for the love of god.”

It is still unknown if the boy’s parents have sued the kindergarten or not, but they have said that they will make sure everyone responsible for such negligence will not go unpunished.

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