8-Year-Old Beaten to DEATH with Hammer While Protecting his Sister

8-year-old Dante Daniels was beaten to death by his mother’s ex-boyfriend while he was trying to stop the man from raping is little sister.

According to reports, Dante walked in on his mom’s ex attempting to assault his 7-year-old sister, Danae. The young boy’s discovery sent Deandre Chaney Jr., 23, into a rage and he started to attack Dante, Danae and their mom, Elizabeth Salone.

Authorities claim that Chaney Jr. utilized a hammer, knife and lighter fluid on the three victims. Dante Daniels was the most severely hurt in the attack. Less than a week after the incident, he was pronounced brain dead and passed away.

Monique Brown, Dante’s grandma, said that he was a brave boy because he was attempting to protect his sister from a brutal attack, but unfortunately that reason is also why he was targeted the most by Chaney Jr.

Elizabeth Salone and little sister Danae lived through the ordeal, but both have extensive injuries. Brown revealed that her daughter, Salone, will probably never be able to see through her left eye again. She also stated that Danae will require a lot of help and support in her recovery efforts.

Deandre Chaney Jr. is looking at charges of murder and attempted murder. He has also been charged with engaging in inappropriate behavior with a minor under the age of 14.

Community members and strangers worldwide have started a GoFundMe page in order to show their support for family.

The page states that Danae and her mother will never be able to fully recover from this heinous crime. The site also reveals that both surviving victims of the attack are going to need counseling and operations in order to start their road back to normality.

Dante Daniels’ grandmother hailed the young boy as a hero when asked about how she will remember him and informed that since his death, Dante’s heart was donated to a young boy in California who was in dire need of a transplant

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