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Authorities Discover INFANT’S REMAINS in Hamper While Cleaning Evicted Apartment

Police officials made a horrific discovery while delivering an eviction notice to an apartment in South Carolina. During their clean up, they came across containers that held the remnants of baby.

Captain Michael Hamilton informed the press that during the cleaning of the apartment and removal of its contents they made the grisly discovery.

The infant’s body parts were located inside two closed containers that were placed at the bottom of a clothes hamper in the bedroom of a woman living in the apartment, Police Chief Keith Morton stated. It is not known if that is the same woman who was being evicted, but Morton expressed the incident was horrific nonetheless.

According to Coroner Nick Nichols, the baby had been dead for about 11 months. He revealed that he has been working in his position for quite a lengthy time, but it always hits hard when a child comes across his table.

Due to the severity of the infant’s decomposition, detectives were not able to identify its sex or determine the way it passed away. Further examinations will be done by a pathologist and forensic anthropologist to see if anymore can be learned.

A resident who also lives in the apartment complex revealed what the atmosphere was like at the complex during the time of the finding. Bianca Jackson shared that the landlord of the complex was in a flood of tears as she descended the stairs and that the stench from the containers could be smelled from far away.

Another resident thinks she tried to assist the woman who had hidden the baby in the hamper. Phyllis Taylor informed reporters that she witnessed a lady sitting outside with her belongings and she extended a helping hand to her, but it turned out she had just disposed of her baby’s body in a clothes hamper.

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