Bartender DIES After Shelves of Booze Come Crashing Down on Him

A bartender was locking up after a busy night at a New Jersey club when the shelves above him holding about 75 bottles of liquor broke and cascaded down on top of him.

26-year-old Kyle Stoker was just about to clock out for the evening when he decided to do one last sweep behind the bar. As he was tidying up some stray glasses left out and making sure that all of the countertops had been thoroughly cleaned, the three glass shelves located behind him began to come off of the wall. As he attempted to grab a hold of the bottom shelf, bottles from the two higher shelves began to tumble to the ground.

Stoker was hit in the head by one of the bottles which caused him to pass out. As he fell to the floor, all three shelves shattered, and glass bottles rained down upon his unconscious body. He was not found until the next day when his coworkers arrived to get ready for their shift. They found him on the floor behind the bar covered in alcohol with shards of glass sticking up out of various parts of his body, including one in his left eye.

An autopsy revealed, however that Stoker did not die from being stabbed by multiple shards of glass, but by blunt force trauma to the head. The coroner stated that it appears several heavy bottles landed on his head, causing severe injuries.

An investigation has been launched by local law enforcement into the club’s safety procedures. Tests are being done to determine how the shelves were attached to the wall and if there was anything that could have been done to prevent such a freak tragedy from taking place. The club has since closed down and will remain closed indefinitely.

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