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A cruise ship disappeared last Friday shortly after a distressing SOS was sent to the control center, authorities have stated.

La Lina international cruise ship was scheduled to sail from Greece to Turkey. La Lina carried mostly couples, as it was mainly booked for their extensive honeymoon programme.

At 5:30AM the control center in Alanya, Turkey received a message that shocked the whole crew, the ship captain spoke the entire message, but there were frequent screams and shouts in the background that were indecipherable.

Turkish authorities have stated that the message was the ship captain, speaking in a very distressed tone, begging for anyone to “come save them” and that they were “gonna all die soon”. “

Screams were heard in the background, but no gunshots,”  Says the Chief Executive Coast Operator, who was forwarded this message at 5:37AM “He kept saying ‘they are gonna take them away’ and you can hear the operator ask the captain more than once who ‘they’ are talking about.


But that’s not the whole story, what made this situation a lot more complicated is when they got another message, not 10 minutes later, with the same captain speaking. This time in a chillingly calm voice.

“Believe it or not his calmness scared us more than when he was crying for help, he sounded so unnatural. So inhuman.”

The message was not allowed to be publicly broadcasted and is currently being reviewed by the UN-led OSP (Ocean’s Safety Personnel). The message contains the same captain saying that they no longer need any help, and that they are safe now and should be ‘home’ soon.

“It wasn’t like anything I’d ever heard. Monotone and almost indistinguishable as human.” says the Chief Executive, “It definitely sent a shiver down my spine.”


The ship was never found in the following few days, which sparked even more controversy. Several search and rescue teams have been dispatched to find the missing ship, but there seems to be no trail of it at all.

What could be the explanation to this phenomenon? And what happened to the ship’s captain during the second message? Nobody knows.


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