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Family Claims to Have Caught BIGFOOT on CAMERA in National Park

National Parks have come under fire recently, some parks even coming close to losing their ‘National Park’ status thanks to the 45th president of the United States. Citizens wonder why this is an issue as admission to the national parks continue to rise. There is cause for concern that the wildlife located in these protected areas may suffer as a result.

Some species that have just gotten their population up in numbers may be in danger by hunters as a result of policy change. Wildlife researches continue to discover new species in many places thought to have everything already discovered.

Perhaps there are other species thought only to be a myth located in these parks. If there is concrete evidence to support their existence, is there a way to protect our Parks from being turned into a business venture?

A family vacationing out in Henry Cowell State Park in Santa Cruz, CA claims to have caught footage of the legendary Bigfoot while filming for their digital family album.

The patriarch of the 4 member family, James, says that he and his younger son were simply taking a walk when they heard the crackle of branches on a distant ridge. Thinking it was just some sort of falling branch from a tree crashing, he opened up his camera and filmed his son looking into a river for a short while. After a couple of minutes, they heard what sounded like a loud growl coming from the same ridge where they heard the snapping wood.

James decided to relay his footage to local news to see if anyone familiar with the area has had similar experiences while hiking out in the park.

His son, James Jr., said of the experience: “It was so cool. I heard stories all over the internet, but I never thought I’d get to see one. I hope he’s friendly.”

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