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Family Finds Something Truly TERRIFYING and DISGUSTING in Their WASHING MACHINE

With how far technology has come in regards to washing clothing and other material, I doubt anyone would want to go back. It’s important to teach the younger generation how to use these machines and treat them with respect.

Showing a technological device respect may not make sense to the younger crowd, but when you throw the wrong thing into a washing machine, it can literally destroy the thing and cause it to fall apart.

A family member mistakenly washed a pillow with a few holes in it, and the debris that came out destroy the timer for an entire setting. We now have to use a timer on one of our cellphones just to make sure our linens are washed correctly.

One of the most important things you should remember when furnishing your new home is this: Buy new but affordable appliances to add to your new residence.

Many people, including myself, have experienced problems with purchasing used appliances online from private owners.

A family in Fullerton, CA is being put up in a hotel after suffering an infestation was found in their home. It turns out that the washing machine the family purchased from Craigslist came with some unintended houseguests.

They turned out to be German Cockroaches that hitched a ride while no one was looking. Things had become so bad that the house was nearly condemned due to living conditions.

These types of cockroaches are extremely resilient. Even with poison these things can spring back if their colony is large enough. It is recommended that one should rotate poisons for an infestation so that the critters are unable to develop an immunity.

Currently, the family is awaiting results of the fumigation they purchased. The husband and wife pair, Angel and Jay, both agreed never to buy any appliances online, even if they are new.

Seriously. Unless you want to live in filth, watch what you purchase.

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