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Famous Handbag Designer Accused of SMUGGLING DRUGS With Her Creations

Sources reveal that a world-renowned handbag designer has been arrested on charges of drug smuggling. The name of the designer has yet to be released, but documents indicate that she is very well-known and has worked with all of the top-name celebrities for the past five years.

Reports show that the designer was taken into custody after authorities intercepted a shipment of her handbags that they were tipped off about. Allegedly, an informant told police that the handbags contained various kinds of illegal drugs, like cocaine and heroin. Upon searching the shipment, officials discovered illicit substances in the inside and outside pockets of the handbags. As a result, further shipments were taken in for searching, and drugs were found in those, as well.


The informant, a former employee of the designer, revealed to authorities that the handbag creator had been shipping packages of handbags filled with drugs across the world for at least three years. Most of the recipients of the handbags were celebrities, who allegedly talked the designer into hiding drugs in her creations. They convinced her that she would be able to charge a significant amount for her products if she included a little extra something for her most esteemed clients. Quickly, word about her business spread throughout Hollywood, and her business took off like wildfire.


During questioning, the designer told officials that she had shipped drugs to places such as Cambodia, Australia and Thailand. She revealed that clients would randomly contact her and ask her to send them her latest creation, a code that meant they wanted whatever handbag she had lying around at the time packed with their drug of choice. The designer revealed many of her celebrity clients were extremely picky about who they purchased their drugs from, so being a trustworthy source meant that they were willing to do and pay anything to get their next high.

Sources share that the identity of the designer will be revealed within the next few days, along with a leaked list of her celebrity clients. It is not yet known if any of her customers will face charges.

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