Girl Brings an Ouija Board to School & Accidentally Opens a PORTAL TO HELL!

Each year, the students at Wilder Elementary School in Wilder, Delaware put on a Halloween parade for parents, faculty and the community. Students dress up in their costumes and trick or treat through the hallways at school, with the parade culminating in a party held in the gymnasium, complete with bobbing for apples, a costume contest and even a makeshift haunted house.

One of the most popular parts of the school’s Halloween party is the Scary Show and Tell. Oftentimes, students bring a creepy comic book or other Halloween prop, yet this year, nine-year-old McKayla Jefferson brought a Ouija Board with her which she had taken from her fifteen-year-old sister Rachel’s room. McKayla gathered a small group of friends and was in the beginning stages of enacting a live demonstration of how to use the board before a teacher intervened.

“I had a really bad experience with a Ouija Board when I was a teenager,” reports Lisa Poach (33), a social studies teacher. “I don’t like having them around, but when I saw the girls were playing with one, I absolutely lost it. I don’t know how to explain it, but I could feel that something bad had escaped. I grabbed the board from them and I threw it into the furnace in the basement.”

It seems as though her best efforts to contain the board’s evil were not enough. Ever since the Ouija Board was used during the Halloween Party, the cafeteria of the school has experienced dramatic unexplained paranormal activity. Trays fly out of students hands as they walk to their tables, kitchen equipment inexplicably turns itself off and on, and reports of phantom hands pinching or pushing have become frequent. It seems as though the activity is moving out of the cafeteria as well. Just last week, a group of girls reported seeing a dark figure moving around the playground, while a teacher’s aide left the school in hysterics after seeing something menacing standing behind her in the teacher’s lounge mirror.

“Those girls didn’t know what they were playing with,” says Ms. Poach. “They didn’t mean for anything to happen, but they opened up a doorway somewhere, and now bad things are happening and it seems to be getting worse.”

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