Girl Disappears for 1 YEAR, Returns Home to a SCARY SURPRISE

18 year old Sofia Liesel left her house in Berlin, Germany to go touring Europe with her Swedish boyfriend. Her family were strongly opposed to her decision, and when they tried to stop her at first, she packed her bags one night and ran away when everyone else was sleeping.

Last September, police received a call from Sofia telling them that she is standing in her house and that “Everyone’s dead. Everyone’s been dead for a long time.”

Police rushed to the scene and quickly called in the homicide unit, Sofia was offered to be taken to a hospital but she refused, saying that she would rather go to the police station to understand what had taken place at her house.


“I couldn’t believe my eyes. The investigation showed that they were murdered over 2 weeks ago. Sofia told the press, “It’s horrible, I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

Police are now suspecting 47 year old Marco Adalbert, who works as a plumber. A warrant was issued of his arrest, since fingerprints were found all over the dead bodies.

“It’s hard to imagine no one thought to check up on the Liesel family for over 2 weeks.” Says the homicide detective, “We are trying our best to uncover exactly what happened at their residence, and we already have a good lead.”

Sofia says she remembers Marco. “He came to our house more than once before I left. He seemed very nice and friendly. Really quiet but good at initiating small talk. I never thought of him as a killer.”


The murdered members of her family include her father, mother and younger sister. Police say they all suffered fatal knife wounds, sometimes from up to 15 stabs, by the perpetrator.

We hope Sofia recovers from this tragedy soon and see the culprit behind bars for his actions.

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