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Man Sentenced to 80 Years in Jail for Chaining a 6-Year-Old Girl to Tree After Assaulting Her

47-year-old Douglas Edwards has been sentenced to 80 to 110 years in jail after abducting a 6-year-old girl, sexually abusing her and then tying her to a tree.

Edwards was found guilty on charges of attempted murder, assault, kidnapping and various other horrific offenses.

Attorney Ben David revealed that it was one of the worst cases he had seen in the 20 years he has been in the profession.

Edwards, a previously documented sex offender, will now go back to jail, where he has already spent 16 years, for kidnapping the first-grade victim from her home.

Attorney Ben David claims Edwards was searching for young kids when he saw the six-year-old and her sister playing outside their home. Their mom had been playing outside with them, but returned to the house to help her son finish his homework. That is when Edwards made his move.

Prosecutors claim that Edwards was at the victim’s home for a total of four minutes. They compare him to an animal on the hunt for their prey.

David alleges that the offender originally ran after the girl’s little sister, but she made it to the front porch first, so he grabbed the other girl. Douglas Edwards placed the six-year-old on his moped and sped off. An AMBER Alert was sent out almost instantly after the 911 call from the girl’s mother.

Edwards was pulled over by authorities less than an hour after the alert was issued, but because the little sister’s description of him was translated incorrectly, he was let go. He was then picked up by police again later that day, but was released once again.

David revealed that officials didn’t take Edwards into custody because they thought they could follow him to the girl’s location, but instead he went straight home.

A clue to the girl’s whereabouts arose the next morning when a bus driver informed police officers that she had spotted Edwards scuffling with a young child on his scooter the previous night.

Authorities brought a sniffer dog to the location where the driver claimed to have seen the pair. The six-year-old was discovered on the ground with a chain around her neck tying her to a tree. The chain was locked with multiple different padlocks.

Officials shared that the girl had been shackled to the tree for around 17 hours. Officers who reached the tree first believed they were walking up to a dead body, but the girl heard their presence and asked if they were there to take her home.

The keys to the locks holding the young girl to the tree were discovered in Douglas Edwards’ pockets.

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