Severely DRUNK Man Leaves Girlfriend to DIE After Car Crash

21-year-old Michael Campbell has been arrested after he crashed his car and killed his girlfriend. He has also been accused of fleeing the scene of a crime.

Campbell has been charged on two counts of criminal vehicular homicide after his girlfriend Ria Patel, 20, was killed when his car collided with a traffic light.

Attorney Mike Freeman stated that an onlooker then saw Campbell exit the vehicle and make his way to a nearby fast food joint. She quickly alerted authorities about the crash and then watched Campbell go back to the crime scene and search for something in the car. The bystander then made her way toward Campbell and he asked her to call the police.

The witness informed Campbell that officers were coming, which provoked him to run off to a parking lot, according to documents.

Another witness then saw Campbell make his way through the parking lot where he leaped over a fence and made his way toward an exit ramp on the highway. Paramedics arrived on the scene and tried worked feverishly to save Patel who was still trapped in the car. They were not successful.

Campbell, who was on probation for a prior hit-and-run sentencing, forgot his wallet in the car and was picked up by authorities two days after the crash.

Attorney Freeman revealed Campbell’s friends claimed they weren’t aware that he had gone out in his car and one stated that he had been very drunk earlier in the day.

Michael Campbell told detectives he left the scene of the crash because he was disturbed by witnessing the injuries of his girlfriend after the impact.

Ria Patel was in her third year at the University of St. Thomas. She was memorialized by fellow students who collected on the school’s campus and remembered her as a person who loved dancing and was friends with everyone.

Kelly Swanson, Ria’s roommate, said that her friend was taken from the planet way too soon and that she was a beautiful person who shone a bright light.

Campbell is being held on $250,000 bail and remains in custody.

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