Woman Allergic to Basically EVERYTHING Survives by Eating Green Beans and Drinking Sprite

33-year-old Donna Bloom had a very tumultuous and draining childhood. At an early age, it was discovered that she had severe allergies. She was tested, and results showed that she was allergic to all types of plants and animals, as well as a multitude of foods and drinks. Initially, she was only allergic to foods that were orange and milk, but as the years went on she began to develop more and more allergies.

Jump forward to present day and the only thing that Donna is able to consume without going into complete anaphylactic shock is Sprite and green beans. Though, she says it is only a matter of time before she develops an allergy to them, too. Donna has been on her bean and Sprite diet for about seven months so far. Over the course of those months, she has lost almost 30 pounds and been hospitalized five times. Doctors say that she will require a permanent port to be implanted in order for her to receive the proper nutrients and supplements within the next few weeks.

Donna Bloom remembers what it was like growing up being unable to play outside or attend friends’ birthday parties for fear that she might come in contact with something she was allergic to. She shares that it was a very lonely and scary childhood, but she says she would rather it be her than someone else.

When asked about what exactly happens when she has a reaction to something that she is allergic to, Bloom states that she begins to get itchy all over, then her tongue starts to swell, which impedes her breathing. She claims that her vision also becomes blurred and she eventually passes out until someone injects her with her EpiPen.

Doctors have not given up hope for Donna Bloom yet; some researchers are actually running tests on foods from other countries to see if any of them will not cause Donna to undergo an allergic reaction.

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