This Adele Fan Crossed All Boundaries When He Did THIS

We all love Adele. Her quirky attitude and deeply moving voice have taken her from stage to stage from the young age of 19. But last Thursday a fan may have loved her a little “too much” when he climbed the stage and attempted to “hump” her, before stopped by security.


Alan Huffman is what we consider a die-hard fan. He has attended all of her concerts, almost got a restraining order when he stalked her across cities, and finally got one after this event unfolded in front the eyes of tens of thousands.


In the song before last, Alan climbed on the stage, ran through security and held Adele from the back in an attempt to “hump” her, it only took seconds before security tackle him and put him on the ground, but that left the audience in complete silence.


“It was really funny when it happened at first.” One of the concert goers said, “Until we could really see how mental this guy was.” The man was tackled by one of the security personnel, and escorted out where he was sent to the local police station.

“You could see how scared Adele was just by hearing how shaky her voice was in the song that followed.” Another fan describes the incident, “We all felt sorry for her, it sucked because it was at the very end of the concert, this could’ve been a great show for her – as it is for us.”


Alan Huffman will be given a restraining order and 30 days on probation. Police say if he hadn’t resisted the police so much and threatened to kill them, he wouldn’t have gotten probation at all.

Adele didn’t comment on what happened, but she did end up the show on a high-note, jokingly saying that he needs to “take her out on a date at least once before he can do that”. But fans noticed she was pretty shaken up after what had happened.


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