Cousins KILL Pizza Delivery Man, Eat Pizza Before Disposing of Bullets

17-year-old Mekael Kennedy and his cousin, 25-year-old D’Andre Kennedy have been accused of robbing and killing 60-year-old Clarence Taper, a pizza delivery man.

According to documents, the two cousins shot and robbed the popular delivery driver after he arrived at their house to deliver a pizza they had ordered.

A neighbor of one of the cousins was a regular patron of Clarence Taper’s. She described Taper as a caring individual who always gave assistance to the older residents of the apartment complex.

Neighbor Sheryl Cash had been receiving pizzas from Clarence Taper since the day she started using the pizza shop her worked for. She revealed that he would go to all of his customers’ doors and have a friendly chat even though that was not part of his job requirement. She claims she has been shaken by such a senseless act of violence.

Authorities think that Mekael put on a hockey mask and robbed Taper by using D’Andre’s gun. Mekael informed officials that the gun’s safety was on, so he was just as surprised as everyone else when he shot Taper. He claims that he only pulled the trigger when Taper began to charge toward him.

D’Andre said to officers that his cousin fired at Taper because he attempted to remove the hockey mask Mekael was wearing. According to reports, Taper was hit in the chest once. As he was dying on the ground, Mekael reportedly began to eat the pizza he brought.

D’Andre revealed that he wiped down the gun and tossed out the bullets after it hit him that his cousin had killed a man. Mekael reportedly admitted that he had robbed another pizza delivery man a few days prior. However, he did not injure that man because he did not put up a fight.

Mekael is now looking at charges of murder and armed robbery. Despite his age, he is going to be tried as an adult. D’Andre has been arrested on charges of harboring a felon and obstructing evidence.

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