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FEMALE TEACHER Arrested for Having SEX with Student AGAIN

40-year-old Shawnetta Reece, a prior Georgia middle school educator, has been arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with a student. This is the second time she has been accused of such a crime.

Reece, previously a physical education teacher at Union County Middle School, has been arrested and charged with participating in sexual activities with an 18-year-old.

The relationship was revealed when police began examining the educator on another occurrence of sexual misbehaviour in which she was reportedly having a sexual relationship with a student who was 15 and moving from the 8th grade to the 9th grade.

She had previously been taken into custody for the affiliation with the younger student and was accused of child molestation and sexual assault by an individual in a position of authority. Now, she has been arrested once again and faces the same charges in connection with the older student who has been confirmed as a high school senior.

Various reports claim that even though one of the accusations pertain to an individual over the age of 18, Reece would still be in the wrong even though the student was of legal age. The reported incident would be deemed illegal due to the fact that the student was technically under her supervision during the time the situation took place.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation plans on passing the case to a higher court once they have finished their initial investigation. The higher court will then carry out the prosecution.


Guilty verdicts for crimes of the same kind in Georgia have carried rulings of 25 years in jail without the possibility of parole. Detectives have not yet revealed if Reece has been released on bail or if she is still being held in custody.

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