Pamela Anderson made THIS WEIRD gesture to say goodbye to Hugh Hefner

The favorite paymate of the erotic magazine emperor uploaded a strange video where he regrets the death of Hugh Hefner. She also wrote her a letter.

Pamela Anderson bade farewell to her mentor. She was his “girlfriend” and favorite playmate when she was starting out, and he will always say he is the reason she found success.

Between the model and Hefner there was always an excellent relationship and a long-lasting friendship.

A strange video

In a black and white video recorded on her Instagram, she is seen with her makeup ruined by tears. Dressed in a black body, the greatest erotic symbol of the 90s said goodbye to Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine who died Wednesday at 91 years in Los Angeles.

With a very short “Bye Hef”, Pamela Anderson addressed her mentor. In the images uploaded to her Instagram account, the former bunny is sad and sexy at the same time.

Even at age 50, the sensuality of its pronounced curves remains the same as always and leaves no doubt that this is the well-known Canadian model.

So long dear friend

Alongside Hefner, Pam reached stardom and became one of the icons of beauty for over two decades. In multiple opportunities it was cover of the magazine and she was amongst the women who sold the most magazines when she was on the cover.

In addition to the video, the actress of the Baywatch series wrote an emotional message to who was the greatest push to her career.

She wrote: “ I have so many thoughts, I have no brain now to edit. I am what I am for you. He taught me everything about freedom and respect. Outside of my family, he was the most important person in my life. You gave me life … People told me all the time that I was their favorite … I’m touched. But he was older, his back hurt a lot. The last time I saw it, you used a walker. You did not want me to see it. You could not hear. I had a piece of paper in my pocket that showed me: my name was Pamela with a heart…”

Bye, Hef …

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