Pilot Decided to PRANK Passengers, Plane ACTUALLY CRASHED

This is where you draw the line where it comes to pranking people. Especially if your job involves flying planes and transporting hundreds of passengers all across the globe.


The pilot thought it would be funny if asked all passengers to “hold on tight” because the plane might not make it as the plane was taking off.

A commercial plane containing 238 passengers was set to take off from Tunisia to Egypt last Saturday. Everyone had boarded and the engines were revved up.

“We were all getting ready for the plane to take flight.” Says Omar Abdou, a flight attendant, “The captain had just turned the seatbelt sign on and asked everyone to get ready for takeoff, but 5 minutes later he was half shouting through the mic for us to brace ourselves for a rough landing.”


“I don’t think we had even left the ground.” Dalia Allam, another flight attendant, shares her account, “We were all confused. Some started shouting of course, we thought something serious was happening.”


At this point the pilot started laughing telling everyone he’s just having some fun and that everything was safe and sound.

“Not 1 minute later and we had crashed into the runway. It was really tragic for that pilot. I wonder they’ll put him next.”


Luckily, only 6 people were badly injured, and no one was reported to have suffered any permanent harm. Of course, the pilot was immediately suspended and an investigation was opened to assess what had caused the plane to crash.

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