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Russian CANNIBAL Couple MURDERED and ATE Over 30 People

Among the gory finds, which serve as clues to solve the puzzle, a jar with human remains in vinegar and 19 slices of skin was found, as well as cans with steamed meat in the kitchen.

Russian cannibal couple hunted their victims on the Internet before drugging, killing and eating them.

A general feeling of shock in the world after the arrest of a couple in Russia, called Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva, who claim to have killed and eaten least 30 people in the last two decades.

Details of what the police found in the couple’s home were known at the time of their arrest.  They also learned how they captured their victims. According to official information, the couple agreed to meet women through internet dating sites, then kidnap, drug, kill and eat them.

Police said they are trying to verify the allegations of missing persons, and see if there is any correlation with some of the body parts found in seven bags in a freezer in the couple’s house.

For now, police have said that Natalia has recognized the photographs of some missing women, so they could be their potential victims. “Through photographs, the woman has recognized more than 30 victims who she killed and ate with her husband,” a source said.

The woman was interviewed by a specialist in a psychiatric hospital who determined that she was “mentally healthy.”

Dmitry, 35, was arrested along with his wife Natalia, 42, after the dismembered body of a young woman was found at a military academy in Krasnodar where they worked.

The man admitted to the murder along with bragging about several other crimes, after a phone was found with photos of a man posing for selfies with corpses. He said that they began to eat their victims in 1999 and that once served a human head decorated for dinner.

The couple drugged their victims with Corvadol, a tranquillizer based on phentobarbital, then kill them proceeded to eat them.

Photographs were found where the head of a person is placed on a plate like a Christmas dinner surrounded by oranges. The police also discovered tapes titled “video lessons for cannibals” in their homes and other photographs of human remains.

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