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Teacher DISAPPEARS with Special Needs Student, Plans of GETTING MARRIED REVEALED!

A high school teacher in Florida has been arrested after leaving the state with one of his special needs students in an alleged plan to marry the teenager.

32-year-old Harold Carey was apprehended by authorities at a rest stop in Texas. He and his 14-year-old companion were allegedly on their way to Las Vegas where they were planning on getting married at a drive-thru wedding chapel.

Carey and his student, who suffers from a mild case of autism, had been engaged in an emotional and sexual relationship for six months. Carey states that he and the teen girl are in love and want to be together for the rest of their lives. Reportedly, his student said she reciprocated those feelings.

Police said they were notified by the teen’s parents after they were told she did not show up for school and they had discovered she had left her cell phone at home. While looking through the phone’s contents, her parents stumbled upon a slew of messages between the teen girl and her teacher that outlined their master-plan to run away and get married. Allegedly, Carey had gone as far as having a fake ID made for the girl that stated she of legal age to get hitched.

It took authorities almost three days to track down Carey and his student. An employee at the Texas rest stop noticed a similarity between Carey and images circulating of him on news sites and decided to call the police as a precaution. When authorities arrived, Carey surrendered peacefully and the teen girl was taken away by child protection officers.

The teenager informed officers that she left with Carey on her own free will and that he never did anything to her that she did not want. However, Carey still face charges of kidnapping and sexual assault on a minor, in conjunction with several others. If convicted, he could face a lengthy prison sentence; however, his almost-teen bride claims that she will wait for him for however long she must.

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