A 16-year-old from Delaware has been accused of stabbing his younger brother, as well as his mother and father because they were singing karaoke too loud while he was trying to study.

Teddy Winston, a junior in high school, told police officers that he was trying to study for an upcoming biology exam when his parents and brother began playing with the new karaoke machine his brother had just gotten for his 10th birthday. He alleges that he asked his family to turn down the volume several times because he could not concentrate, but they did not oblige.

Documents reveal that on Winston’s third failed attempt at getting his family to reduce their nosiness, he flipped and ran to the kitchen where he retrieved a large cutting knife. His mother and father were both stabbed five times in the back, while his brother suffered wounds to his chest and arms (evidence that supports the claim that he tried to fight off his brother). All three of the victims died within minutes of sustaining their injuries.

Teddy Winston states that he blacked out while carrying out the attack and cannot remember who he stabbed first. He claims that when he snapped out of his fit of rage and saw the motionless bodies of his family on the living room floor and realized that he was holding a bloody knife, he instantly called 911.

This is not the first time that Winston has been in trouble for attempting to cause harm to his family. Back in January, he was placed in a juvenile detention center for two months after setting the family’s camper van on fire, so he wouldn’t have to go on vacation. Luckily, there was no one in the van at the time of the blaze.

Winston informed officials that he has been under a lot of stress over the last few months since starting a new school year. He claims that he has been working hard to make sure that he has good grades, so he can go to a good college, and that the biology exam he was studying for on the night of the slayings was his first major exam of the year. Winston reveals that he simply let the stress get the better of him and he ended up making a very fatal mistake that he can never take back.

Teddy Winston faces a lifetime in jail if convicted.

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