Most children and teenagers have a strong relationship with their grandparents. Grandparents fulfill a special role in most people’s lives, as they are able to provide comfort, nurturing and life lessons while still being separated from the authoritative position associated with parents.  Grandparents also function as a stand in for parents at time, particularly in the working class. Children tend to look at their grandparents as a second set of parents who let them get away with a little more.



When seventeen year old Meghan Morrison issued a statement in court accusing her grandfather, Malcolm Harrison (74) of sexual assault and rape, her family was understandably shaken to their core. Harrison vehemently denied the charges and stated that he and his wife, Vivienne Harrison (62) have never acted inappropriately with Meghan. In fact, her grandparents state that they were extremely close with Meghan, and could not understand why she insisted on making false accusations against Mr. Harrison.

Meghan states that the majority of the abuse took place years ago, when she was between the ages of eight and ten years old. Meghan allegedly kept the abuse to herself and refused to tell anyone, mostly out of fear of angering her grandmother, whom she idolized.

Malcolm Harrison denied the charges, stating that he had never harmed Meghan in any way. Yet the following evening, Harrison’s body was found in his car which was engulfed in flames. While authorities have not been able to reveal an exact cause of death, the case is being treated as a suicide.



After Meghan refused to take back her story following her grandfather’s death, her grandmother Vivienne became largely withdrawn, which greatly distressed Meghan. At a loss as to how to break the ice, Meghan took it upon herself to sit down and compose a heartfelt letter to her grandmother. In the letter, Meghan does not back down, insisting that everything she had said about her grandfather was a fact. She did, however, apologize for causing pain to her beloved grandmother, ending the letter with a plea stating that she missed her “so much,” and begging her “not to hate” her for revealing the abuse.

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