This Woman Is Dating Her Own TWIN SISTER! Details Here!

Do you remember the first time you felt you were in love? What about the person’s name? A lot of people can remember their first love. Others have such negative memories attached, their first love’s name and face are completely forgotten.


For two sisters, falling in love was a completely different story. Valerie and Victoria, a pair of identical twins from Chattanooga, Ohio, aged 23, had fallen in love with the most unexpected people: each other.

The twins were asked about how their relationship as sister developed into something romantic. “Well, I’ve never found someone with her intellect or sense of humor,” Valerie responded, before turning to her sister, Victoria, to grab a hand with a wide grin.


You might be wondering now if some part of their life was missing. Maybe a parent wasn’t there, or they experienced some tragedy that pushed them to this point. It was surprisingly neither that happened.


“We had a pretty good life growing up,” said Victoria. “Our parents were pretty awesome, and taught us manners. They even helped us with our homework when it wasn’t too complicated for them.” That sounds like a relationship most people wish they had with their parents.

Although their relationship does not fit the traditional paradigm, they feel that what matters most is their love for each other. “No one knows me better than my sister,” says Valerie. “So why not start a loving, intimate coupling with her? Besides, I trust her.”


This story of Valerie and Victoria is one that is new or unique. Many pairs of twins have either fallen in love, or married each other in the last decade. Regardless of how their particular situation may seem to others, I wish them good fortune and good health.

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