Zlatan Ibrahimović Considers RETIREMENT, Find out WHY!

Manchester United Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimović who is at present recuperating from injury is seriously considering retirement from football and going into any combat sport professionally. Despite the fact that inquiries of uncertainty are rising all around, he has completely cleared the world in his meetings, history and talks. The Swedish striker was cited in a meeting with his companion Anthony Joshua, overwhelming weight boxer saying that he has considered this decision since he has accomplished all his football dreams and need to meet another test in an altogether new game, offering reference to his martial background because of black belt in taekwondo.

He additionally added that he would love to win the premier league title with Manchester united this season when he recoups from injury if this would be his last season in the group. In the meeting, he was later asked “whether he could contend with the best in battle sports?” at that point he answered “I am ZLATAN” and he specified that he could run toe-toe with everyone on earth in the event that he has his full personality on wining. Zlatan later said that his team coach Jose Mourinho has been endeavoring to persuade him to remain a Manchester united striker however he has officially decided. Afterward, the fans said that they would love Zlatan Ibrahimović to win premier league as he has prior specified.

Zlatan Ibrahimović inferred that leaving football and going into battle sports was not a hard choice to make since he has accomplished a considerable measure as an expert football player throughout the years. He communicated his adoration for Manchester united together and football all in all and that another test in an another field of game is all he needs. Finally, for the reality he is ZLATAN as he said in the meeting, exceeding expectations as a god in any battle game will be a noteworthy increment to his popularity around the globe.


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