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ZOMBIE Geese TERRORIZE Park-Goers in New York!

Innocent walkers and joggers in an upstate New York park received the shock of their lives after a flock of geese began to terrorize them. The geese, who were referred to as ‘zombie geese’ by several of the witnesses, chased, bit and flew at bystanders who were just out for a stroll on a crisp autumn day.

Geese are usually quite temperamental animals, but victims claim that there was something different and even more sinister about this specific group of 15 geese. One of the individuals that suffered an extreme injury from the geese claimed that she was just jogging through the park when she realized that two geese were running on either side of her. As quickly as they appeared, they became pecking at her legs and eventually both bit her leaving her with two chunks taken out of her calves. Doctors are now running tests on the victim to make sure that she has not been infected with rabies.

When asked how the geese looked, the runner revealed that they had blood-shot eyes and were expelling a yellow goo from their beaks. She also revealed that their feathers looked scaly and their feet were no longer webbed.  Further reports this random attack by a flock of geese has revealed that at least four people were sent to the hospital for their injuries, while the rest of the victims have been left with psychological trauma.

Animal control was called to the park and they rounded up all of the vicious creatures. Tests are now being run on the geese to determine what disease they are suffering from. Samples of the pond water and various types of vegetation have also been taken from the park, which will be tested to see if there are any pollutants that may have caused the geese to act so violently.

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