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BARACK OBAMA Made FUN Of President TRUMP Publicly! You WON’T BELIEVE What He Said!

The clash between the former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump is a normal topic to discuss, but Barack Obama never used the name of Donald Trump. His words have already pointed toward what he is talking about; he didn’t need to take use his name. Usually, Barack Obama ignores Donald Trump and his blames.

He once said that Barack Obama did not have the birthright of America; at that time former president Barack Obama ignores everything he says.

He never replied to his silly insults. But for the first time, it seems that Barack Obama had just trolled Donald Trump. We are going to tell you where this trolling happens and what did the former president Barack Obama say that insulted/made fun of President Donald Trump.

Everybody knows that the former president Barack Obama is a generous person. His behavior and the way of talking make him a gentleman. He never directly makes fun of other and always tries to stay away from unnecessary fights or controversies. But on Tuesday, Barack Obama trolled Donald trump and give him a slam answer about the blame he once put on Barack Obama regarding his birthplace.

This Tuesday at Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, Obama said, “I am so excited to see you all here today, the reason is that this is where I started.” He also said, “Now, this is not where I was born, I was born in Kenya.” He laughs and said, “That’s a joke.”

After the release of “Short-form” and “Long- form” birth certificates by Barack Obama, Donald Trump admitted that Obama was indeed born in the United States.

Although, Trump admits Obama was born in the United States, but he never apologized for spreading the birth conspiracy theory for years against Obama. Well, what comes next between them is hard to tell.


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