Couple Arrested for FAKING Home Invasion

Imagine shooting yourself and your partner in an effort to stage a home invasion so you could sue your landlord for a significant amount of money. That is exactly what one couple from Florida did, but they just weren’t smart enough to get away with the crime.

Doug Teixeira and Lindsey Pelton have been arrested after police concluded that their claims about someone breaking into their home, shooting them and stealing money from them were false. Initially, authorities believed the couple’s account of events, but when they investigated their home to look for clues that would lead them to the perpetrators officials discovered evidence that led them right to the couple, themselves.

While searching the residence, police found a hidden gun, as well as blood spots in various areas that appeared to have been there for some time. Police began to question the couple as to why they had a gun and where the dried blood came from, which caused the pair to attempt to back track and recount their initial story. After a few failed attempts at getting their stories straight, police arrested the pair and brought them in for more questioning.


At their local police department, the couple crumbled in the interrogation room and revealed that they had shot themselves in order to try and sue their landlord. They lied about having money stolen from their home so they could claim the loss in their lawsuit, as well as state that the property owner did not equip the home with enough protection.

The couple have managed to bail themselves out of jail while they await trial for the charges they face. If found guilty, the husband and wife are looking at many years in jail. Luckily for the landlord, this devious pair were outed for their scheming ways, but tenants making false claims is, unfortunately, a very common thing that occurs.


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