Couple Who Experienced The Las Vegas Shooting DIE in HORRIBLE ACCIDENT, Karma?

Imagine surviving the worst mass shooting in U.S. history only to end up dying in a horrific car crash just a few weeks later. Well, that is what happened to a married duo from California.

The couple, Dennis and Lorraine Carver, were driving home when they were involved in an accident that resulted in their car catching fire only minutes from their house. Unable to escape from the wreckage in time, they both died in the blaze.


The tragic accident took place only weeks after the Carver couple escaped from the shooting at a Las Vegas music festival that took the lives of dozens of people. One minute they were enjoying their favorite country songs, and the next they were running for cover and trying to stay alive. Surprisingly, Dennis and Lorraine made it out of the mass shooting with no injuries.

In the days after the tragedy in Vegas, the Carvers’ daughters shared that their parents began living their lives differently. They started to smile more and spend more time together. They began to surprise each other with presents and do special things to make each other laugh. It was almost as though the shooting was the wake up call that they needed to be kinder and show more compassion toward one another.


A lot can be said about the irony of surviving a mass shooting only to die weeks later in a way some would consider just as horrific. However, the same can also be said about the fact that the couple survived one tragedy together only to pass away during another side by side. Whatever fate the world had for this married couple, their family can take peace in knowing that they are still together and that the last couple weeks they were alive were full of happiness and love.

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