Draymond Green INSULTS LeBron James! You Won’t BELIEVE What He Does!

Every game is fun to watch. We enjoy ourselves a lot while watching any NBA game. The scores, the performance and the result all of these are entertaining. But the real entertainment is on the field and behind the field.

The aggression player shows during the field and the trolling the players do to each other are more entertaining than anything else. We bring you today the funniest troll done by the NBA star Draymond Green.


We will reveal all the details about the how Draymond Insulted a NBA player. Who was the person insulted by Draymond? Why Draymond insults him? And all the related questions will soon be answered.

LeBron James, the famous NBA player is the one who gets insulted by Draymond Green. We will tell you what LeBron did and how Draymond Green insulted him? It’s the incident after Kyrie Irving led the Boston Celtics to a victory over the Atlanta Hawks by a score of 110-107. LeBron James Posted a photo with a caption “mood..” Of the well-known Arthur fist meme on Instagram.

Whatever, the real intention behind LeBron’s Arthur meme, Draymond Green was not planning to miss this amazing opportunity to make fun of LeBron James. After some time Draymond Green responded on Instagram to the LeBron’s post with a “MOOD” post of his own style.

This is the post Draymond Green share on Instagram with a caption “MOOD”. This directly signifies that Draymond Green is insulting LeBron James for his “mood..” post by his “MOOD…” post. In his post Draymond posted his tongue out pic with a caption mood all in caps.


Although, the rivalry is a common thing, every NBA player waits for an opportunity to make fun of someone. It’s one of the most interesting things in social media. Stay tune for more.

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