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Ex-Boyfriend of Grease Star Found Alive After MISSING for 12 YEARS

Patrick McDermott was believed to be dead after he disappeared while on a fishing trip over 12 years ago. The ex-boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John vanished without a trace with some people believing he encountered some trouble at sea and others thinking something sketchier was going on.

Those doubters about the death of McDermott believed that he intentionally faked his own death and disappeared in order to get a payout on his life insurance policy. Due to a significant lack of evidence alluding to McDermott’s death, an investigation was launched into his possible whereabouts.


After years of searching and following leads, investigators believe they have tracked down a man they are confident is McDermott in Mexico. Photographic evidence, along with proof from computers and other kinds of technology, have also arisen that make detectives believe that they have solved the case of the vanishing man.

According to documents, the man believed to be McDermott goes by a different name and adamantly denies that he is the missing man. However, officials say there is just too much proof for the man not to be Patrick McDermott. Of course, the only way they will ever know for sure is if the man agrees to taking a DNA test, which seems very unlikely at the present time.

There has been no word yet of Olivia Newton-John’s reaction to the news that her missing former lover has been found, but one can assume she is going through an entire range of emotions. Finding out that the man you once loved, who you believed to be dead, has now been found alive would be a lot for anyone to come to terms with.

Whether the man presumed to be Patrick McDermott will be questioned by the police, or if there is even any reason to question him, has yet to be determined. If he is the real man, then he will obviously have to answer for the tumultuous situation he put his family in friends through over the last 12 years.


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