Man ENDS HIS LIFE After Ex Gets Revenge with an ACID ATTACK

Mark van Dongen went to an assisted suicide center to end his life after his entire world was turned upside down when his ex-girlfriend threw acid over his body, causing severe burns. The attack resulted in van Dongen losing most of his sight and having to have one of his legs amputated. The effects of the attack were too much for him to deal with and, unfortunately, he decided that suicide was the right option for him.

The perpetrator of the crime, Berlinah Wallace, allegedly discovered that van Dongen had been cheating on her with another woman. According to reports, it wasn’t until the pair reconciled that Wallace carried out her vicious attack. When arrested by police for the incident, Wallace confessed to throwing a liquid substance over her ex-boyfriend, but stated that it was not harmful enough to cause the damage that van Dongen’s body endured. When asked why she decided to attack the man, she stated that she was seeking vengeance for the way he treated her, and she said that if he did not want to be with her then he would not be with anybody.


Wallace’s defense team has alleged that it was van Dongen who had purchased the acid and attempted to poison Wallace by tricking her into drinking the liquid. They state that when she discovered his plan, she acted out of rage and turned the tables on him. Wallace is currently awaiting a trial for the charges that have been pressed against her. If convicted, she will face a lengthy stint in prison.

Acid attacks are becoming a very popular way for a disgruntled ex to get back at their former lover. The ease of purchasing corrosive liquids seems to be far too easy for people. In order to stop such horrendous acts from taking place, there needs to be stricter laws put in place that make buying acidic substances a much more difficult process.


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